Happy Halloween!

Oh, sorry, were you thinking you'd see a costume? (He says, "ook em'")
We ditched Cooper on Halloween and had a great night in Stillwater!
(Can you believe this is the 1st Texas football game Jeremy has ever been to? Mine to, but that's not that surprising!)

View from our seats- not such a Nightmare for the Longhorns

And the man himself, after the game, I know not the best pic, but its Colt McCoy!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to my Mom and Dad for spoiling Cooper on Halloween and taking him Trick-or-Treating, while we enjoyed a nice dinner at Mexico Joe's and an even better game! Oh, did I mention that I got 1 uninterrupted night of sleep too, it was wonderful, and a long needed date night! Don't worry, there are plenty of pics of Cooper in his costime and I'll add them later, but seriously, the best Halloween Treat for us was watching those Horns beat those Cowboys, 41-14, Hook Em'! I'm sure that Cooper won't ever remember that we weren't there, he'd probably rather be with his Grandparents anyway.


OK Chick said...

It sounds like everyone had a good Halloween at your house.
I'm jealous you went to the game. I would have loved to go, not for Texas though.

Morgandi said...

What a fun evening! Sounds like everyone had a fun Halloween!

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