Careful Moments?

My mom just sent me this picture.....

I just want to remind her that this is what he was doing yesterday afternoon, right before I pulled him out of the pond by his feet because he may have been submerged, all while my brother was informing me that my phone was wet. After frantically stripping him down and giving him a warm bath, he obviously is the least bit disturbed that he fell, head first into the pond. (J-if you're reading this, I was right there, he wasn't even that close, and he is obviously fine.)

Oh if you're wondering, my phone is fine, it still works. However,that is easily replaced. And Mom, I'm very confident he will not fall in again, I mean at least today. Cause we all know, it's going to happen again.

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vivian said...

We have a very funny William/falling in the pond story! Little boys and water......oh my.

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