Cooper's Halloween Night

Cooper was treated well while his loving parents ditched him on Halloween! Not much more to say, the pictures say enough!

I'm ready for candy!

He hit the jack box at this house, she gives out sacks of candy, I think there might have been a couple of puppets given just special for Cooper too!

What do I say? (Not that he says trick or treat)

Pretty sure Aunt Lynn hooked him up with more then 1 piece of candy

Well, I thought I knew that lady in the mask....apparently Mama Jo scared him with her classic Halloween mask!

Cooper and Jackson

We're at Mama Jo's, I know that she has toys here....

Indiana Jones, Starbucks Worker, and Monkey (this was actually the night before!)

Thanks for taking Cooper Trick or Treating, I'm, I mean he's really enjoying his candy.


the.fortes said...

It seems like 18 mos to 2 years is where they realize that people in masks are scary. Cole and the 14 month old remained unphased, but the 2 year old with him was terrified. Cooper is the cutest monkey ever. I think Cole needs to be a monkey next year! Where did you get the outfit?

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like the grandparents enjoyed it as much as Cooper!

Angie said...

When I saw the title of this post on my cousin Candice's blog--I had to check it out. My son's name is Cooper too....and oddly enough he had the same exact costume. Too funny!

OK Chick said...

Who's house is the one with red doors? I want that front door. So pretty!

Morgandi said...

What a precious little monkey!

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