Pioneer Woman...take 2

So today Ree Drummond was signing books again in Ponca City. So as a "thank you" to my mom for all her help I gave her Food From My Frontier Cookbook and invited her up for the day. So we met this morning at the bookstore to get a number, and we were #40, at 9:04 am. So, from my previous experience I figured we'd leave the house between 4-4:30 and probably wait 30 minutes to an hour for her to sign our books.

We enjoyed time playing, lunch at Stagecoach BBQ (one of Newkirk's finest eating establishments), then headed to Brace Books at 4:15. Well, Maddie fell asleep on the way, so I thought well I'll just wait in the car with the girls, while my mom goes in to see what number they are at. So she and Cooper went in, they then called me to inform me we were next.....perfect cause now I've got to get a sleeping baby in a carrier, and an almost 2 year old sleeping girl into the bookstore. I did this, after maybe bumping a few people out of the way, not on purpose of course. But made it in, got our books signed, and a quick pic with the lady. Where I should've held up Kellyn's car seat, or taken her out, but Pioneer Woman had already told me what a beautiful baby I had, and loved Maddie's big brown eyes, and told me that I just needed to leave cause my baby was making her want to have another. (Okay mostly I just felt rushed and didn't want all the people behind us to wait for me to take Kellyn out of the car seat, she was sleeping, so probably best to leave her, right?)

Amazing that this picture is actually decent, cause literally I had just ran in holding Maddie and Kellyn (in her car seat) to make it in. You should get the cookbook if you don't have it, the cherry limeade is yummy, the Peach Whiskey Chicken is great, and tonight we shall have the Tequila Lime Chicken.(That lineup almost makes me sound like an alcoholic...but I'm not, I promise)
 I grabbed a number on our way out for a friend in Newkirk, she was 183, so that makes for a busy signing for Pioneer Woman.


vivianjane said...

What a fun day and great picture!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I have a dumb question: why does it take so long if you are #40? Does she chat with each person?

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