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I've been meaning to blog about the kid's room for a while. We planned to move Maddie and Cooper into the same room after the baby was born. My parents came up, helped me clean out the "storage" room and bought the kids beds. It took me a while to find some comforters that I liked and round everything else up to make their room clean. But it was all ready for them before Kellyn was born. When we went back home after Spring Break, we started the transition of them both sleeping in the twin beds there. Which we are still working on, but we've only been home 2 weeks, and they are doing pretty good. The timing worked out perfectly becuase Maddie climbed out of her pack in play the Friday before Kellyn was born at my parents house. I don't know if that's really perfect timing, but we knew she was ready for a "big girl" bed. So we didn't paint the room, so it's nice and red, which isn't my favorite, but we haven't had the time, or the desire that bad to paint it. All I have left is to find some curtains or find material to make them. But you can at least see everything else. I think it's a kid's dream room, but what do I know, I'm over 30....

So this is the North view of their room, with their beds and their mass of toys they have

One of the boy's moms came over
and drilled the holes to make my bucket toy space complete. I got the inspiration
for this on Pinterest, it took me a long time to find pink and blue buckets, they are feed buckets.

This is the South West view of their room. So their closet,
train table, and Maddie's kitchen. The closet doors need a piece to
be able to go back on. I may just leave them off so no one
gets shut in the closet.

Here is their reading corner on the South East side.
I do love when I find them here reading their books. I tried to
clean out their books, but they like too many of them.
Guess it's probably not a bad thing!

This is Cooper's main attraction. The train track of the day, there
is more track in the drawers, and under the table is the take-and-play track for Thomas the train.
You wouldn't believe how jealous the high school boys are of this track, they love to come play....

This is the puzzle storage, plain old plastic bags on a shelf in the closet.
I'm totally open to a better/different way to store these if you have one.

So that's where Maddie and Cooper sleep, lots of toys, no decor as of yet, but maybe in June I'll
have some time to work on that. Who am I kidding? I've got 2 basketball camps to help Jeremy with (okay maybe just 1 cause for the 2nd I'll be in full on wedding week mode for my bff Jenny), and then he'll be taking kids to 3, which means, I'll have my hands full!

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