Maddie's First Hair Cut

So today I took my bigger baby girl to get her hair cut. She had one super long curl in the back, and apparently it's only cool to pull all your bows down and hold them instead of wear them. So her little bangs just hung in her face. So it was time for a cut. I was expecting the worst, lots of crying, lots of "no, no, no...." and putting her hands over her hair. However, surprise to me, Katie told her she could have a piece of chocolate after she was done and she set super still in the chair and did everything Katie told her to. So maybe I should try that at home....a piece of chocolate if you (fill in the blank) just kidding, I don't need to start that. I do have her precious long curl for her little baby book, she's not totally neglected!


OK Chick said...

Don't you love Katie's new place? I used to go there for facials.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Maybe it helps to have that great big mirror for people to watch!

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