First Day of School 2013!

We had a week delay for school to start here in Newkirk. They built a new high school and were running behind on inspections, phone lines, networking, the parking lot. So they thought if they pushed it back a week it would all be ready. Well, everything is ready except the parking lot, but I bet if it doesn't rain it'll be done by next week. So instead, they added 10 more minutes to every school day. Which isn't horrible. What I thought would be horrible was traffic this morning. The Elementary, Middle, and High School are now all in about the same place, so without the parking lot to the high school I was dreading taking Cooper this am. But it wasn't bad, we got in, settled, and out in about 15 minutes. Cooper could've done without the pictures I tried to take of him, he's over it, and even though it's his first day of Kindergarten it isn't that big of deal; he's got a year of school under his belt. I didn't even cry, to be real honest, I was ready for school to start weeks ago. I'd send Maddie in a heart beat if I could. I'm pretty sure it is hardest on her. So there was only excitement about going to school this year, and a horrible clothes decision on my son's part, he was very adamant that his red shirt matched his red doesn't, but it does to him so I left it alone!
Really the best part about this first day of school was I'm not on crutches this year, so double yea for that!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cute! But I wanted to see the shorts! You're a good momma for not stressing with him about it!

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