The third day of our trip at Disney we went to Epcot. I thought about getting our picture in front of the ball when we got there, but we never did, the entire day. Fail on my part, but like my Dad says I'm sure this isn't the only trip to Disney we'll make. I wasn't real sure if the kids would like Epcot too much, there wasn't a lot of rides, and Cooper was tall enough to do the simulators, but the girls weren't and they don't allow pregnant woman on them. So mostly we just walked around and saw the countries and met different characters. Epcot is the place where Mickey and Minnie, and Pluto are all in there original costumes. So that made it worth the trip. My parents bought Cooper and Maddie these passports to get stamped at every country. Each place someone writes something about the country in it, or their name in the native language. One fun fact about Epcot, is in the countries, only people that are from that country work at the stores and restaurants. They come for a year to live and work at Disney. Which is pretty cool! They do have a Nemo ride there and a large aquarium that the kids loved. All in all it was a good day, and it didn't rain that much, so a big plus for that!

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I like the Mary Poppins pic!

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