Beach or Bust!

So after a magical time at Disney we headed to Destin to meet up with the North clan. I'd say this year was way better then last year because I had two feet planted safely in the sand the entire time! So we did our daily family devos and just played, played, and played on the beach with our cousins. The waves were extremely rough this year so we all invested in some life jackets for the kids. They were very brave and loved playing in the waves. One day Jeni Warrior and I were out there with our kids (minus Kellyn) and Mama Jo came out to fish. Cooper, Maddie, Lydia, Levi, and Isaac were so intrigued by her bating her line and what she was going to catch. I ran up and got my camera cause we really wanted to capture that moment for them. Then she took Maddie out to do a little fishing, it was possibly the sweetest thing! I am so glad that my kids will really know Mama Jo and Papa Staff, they are some hard working, amazing, God fearing people. We are so blessed to get to have so much time with them! The last day we had on the beach the water was super calm, it was almost eerie after having so many rough days. So we were all out in the water and my mom goes, "Oh I think I saw a dolphin!" She always is looking for those, cause she loves them. To our surprise my Dad and I turned around and there is a group of dolphins, seriously a stones throw away from us. We saw 3 go by us. It was so exciting. All the kids were in the water, then a little later we saw 2 more, and then a couple of different kinds of dolphins later. We have always looked and hoped to see them in the ocean, this was our first time we have without being on a dolphin cruise! So it was a very exciting day. The week went by too fast and I'm looking forward to our time there next summer. Although I'm sure it won't be quit as relaxing cause I'll have another that can't walk yet!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds nice - a relaxing time after DW! I think that pic of you guys with the 3 kids is frame-worthy!

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