Disney Hollywood Studios

We spent our 4th park day at Hollywood Studios. The sole purpose for going there was to see the Disney Junior characters and that's where you can meet Woody. Although I'm told sometimes he's at Frontier Land at the Magic Kingdom. But you're guaranteed to meet him here. Oh and Lightening McQueen and Mater are here too, although as Cooper says, they don't talk. I guess you could throw in Star Tours for my brother and my Dad. Unfortunately as we were walking in to the park, our stroller broke, yep the front wheel just came off. We tried to fix it, but couldn't get it to stay on. So a new front wheel is on the way for our little double jogger that has logged many miles since we got it! Anyhow, the main attraction at Hollywood Studios for little kids is the Toy Story Mania game, our fast pass wasn't good til 3:30 pm and the wait in line was 2 hours! So we just hung out until then. My mom volunteered to be in the little special effects show at the back stage tour, I never knew she was quit the actress. Maddie enjoyed the Little Mermaid show and the Beauty and Beast Live show. So it was a fun day, but we cut out early cause it looked like it was going to pour. And it did pour and pour as we were leaving. Daniel headed to the car as we checked the strollers in. Then while we were on the tram he called my Dad, said he couldn't find the tram, and that he didn't know where the car was. That was awesome cause he had the car keys! Of course by this time it is pouring down rain, very badly. Not to mention somehow my mom got butted out of the tram so she was stuck waiting for the next one. Luckily Daniel found the car just as the tram pulled up, we all ran to the car, and were able to pick my mom up at the tram stop. So it was a crazy end to our Disney Park adventures.

The picture I missed was the one after Cooper and Maddie had eaten their Mickey Mouse bars for a while..it wasn't pretty at all!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cute, cute, cute! I'm really sad now because I didn't even know who those two Disney characters were in the middle of your post!

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