The wedding....

Ever since I met Jenny, 5 years ago, she's said she was going to need help with her wedding. Well, now her wedding has come and gone, and I am exhausted after a few months of planning and a week of hard work. She grew up on a farm, so an outdoor wedding was her dream, that's about all I had so I took it and ran. Showed her stuff, and if she liked it we went with it. She got engaged in January and married in June, so not a ton of time. I pretty much enlisted some family friends for help with things and borrowed all of her decorations for the tables from recent weddings I attended in Edmond that would go. So here are a few pics of before and after, everything turned out lovely. However, I don't recommend planning a wedding, setting up for a wedding, decorating a wedding, cooking for a wedding, being a bridesmaid all with your 2.5 month old in tow, however, Kellyn was the biggest trooper and best baby ever. Mostly Jenny sat inside and held her or watched her while I worked magic until she needed to eat. Which was perfect, cause the bride didn't have to lift a finger, which is how it should be! The court clerk in Anadarko, where her now husband is a lawyer, offered their home in Moore for their use. It turned out just perfect! I wish I took a few more pics of everything, but I was crazy busy! And a big thanks to my good friend Beth, who I hired for the day and rehearsal to help decorate and coordinate everyone walking down, and help with clean up. She was great!

Backyard pre-tables and decor

Where the alter would be

She wanted lanterns hanging from this tree, yes I took 48 mason jars and turned them into lanterns

The deck the man of the house built

We had put on the invite, dessert and dancing to follow, so we had cupcakes, pies, and cheesecake squares. I made 100 pies during the Thunder game, stored them in Grandma Judy's fridge, and baked them Saturday Morning at church

See here they are baking, only 75 had to bake that morning!

A friend reserved flowers for us at the Oklahoma Flower Market, so Friday my mom and Jenny picked them up, exchanged a few colors and Saturday morning my mom and I transformed them into beautiful bouquets, these pictures just don't do them justice, they were wonderful!

This was the invite she picked out, I re-created this from something similar that she choose,
I designed programs to match, and water bottle labels to go along too!

So here is the after, or what I have of the after!

And there you have it, all with my little helper in if you ever need a beautiful, inexpensive wedding, call me, I might help. I'd totally do it all over again for her, and I'd only change a few things. (If you're wondering we did serve ice cream and whip cream with the pies, and tea and sweet tea in super cute containers on top of old crates, but I didn't get a pic of that....)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Great job! I loved the burlap on the arch, and the food looked awesome!!!

Amy in Edmond said...

Everything looks great!

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