The List.....

With "B Day" quickly approaching, just over 5 weeks, I feel the need to publically make a list of things to get done......go ahead and start laughing now, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

1. Wash all 0-3 month boy and girl clothes (not going to lie, I've been fine about not knowing what we're having this whole time, but when it comes down to we are having this baby in OKC and I will need to provide some sort of clothing for a while since I'll be at my moms, it's hard now not to know.)

2. Get boy nursery stuff out and cleaned, just in case I need to make a switch (which I believe I will, but who really knows)

3. Finish Maddie's baby book, yes I know she is 19 months

4. Make freezer meals

5. Dye oneies and embellish some burb rags (it's my attempt to somehow make some preparations for this baby)

6. Try to clean out mud room off laundry room so all these riding toys have a place to go, and while I'm "healing" for 6 weeks, my house maybe won't look like a total wreck.

7. Keep up with work

8. Pack everyone for grandmas house for at least a week or so, good thing she has a washer/dryer

Important Upcoming Dates.....
Feb. 17th- Districts
Feb. 23-25th- Regionals
Feb. 25th- Cooper's 4th Birthday,!
March 1-3rd- hopefully area
March 8-10- hopefully state
March 11th- Jessie's wedding shower!!!!
March 13th- This baby is coming!
And of course you have the final doctor's appoinments, I believe there will only be 4 left....

Like I said continue to laugh I know it's funny.....


Summer said...

I don't see "rest" anywhere on that list. For some reason I doubt you will have the luxury....Good luck! Can't wait to hear what it is!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I believe in lists. :) And if you need some help with that baby book I can put it together for you! Bring it to me! But you'll have to do the journaling!

OK Chick said...

WOW what a list. Good luck!

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