List Update....

Here is updated list, I'm proud to say I've actually got a lot accomplished!

1. Wash all 0-3 month boy and girl clothes (not going to lie, I've been fine about not knowing what we're having this whole time, but when it comes down to we are having this baby in OKC and I will need to provide some sort of clothing for a while since I'll be at my moms, it's hard now not to know.)
2. Get boy nursery stuff out and cleaned.

3. Finish Maddie's baby book, yes I know she is (21) months (this is written in, but I need to glue the pictures down, just found the glue!)
4. Make freezer meals (I still have about 3 more meals to make, but I'll make them next week, we'll eat half and I'll freeze the other half, there are some advantages to Cooper not really wanting to eat anything but cheese and ham)
5. Dye oneies and embellish some burb rags (it's my attempt to somehow make some preparations for this baby) Pics Below!

6. Try to clean out mud room off laundry room so all these riding toys have a place to go, and while I'm "healing" for 6 weeks, my house maybe won't look like a total wreck.

7. Keep up with work- this is just going to be an ongoing thing until March 13th.....but so far so good!
8. Pack everyone for grandmas house for at least a week or so, good thing she has a washer/dryer

So there you have it, progress, it's all I can really ask for at this point! Only a little more then 3 weeks to go, and believe me, it's about that stomach and this baby are not getting along all of the sudden.
So we start playoffs tonight and we definitely play next Thursday, but hopefully we'll be playing til March 10th, hope it's not bad to pray for some wins, cause I have been....among other things of course!


Summer said...

I can't wait to hear the news!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Okay, I LOVE those prints on your burp rags! Congrats on getting so muchdone!

OK Chick said...

I saw you at church Sunday. I was hoping to talk to you, but didn't get down there in town. Hopefully, we'll get to see each other before you have the baby.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I am so excited for you to have 3 kids! You are doing great at getting things ready! Sorry I missed out on giving you a hug on Sunday morning!

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