Did you know.....

That I live super close to this lady.....like 45 minutes, if her kids went to public school I'd go to the basketball games when we played in her little small town just to see her....stalker much? Maybe.

Anyways, my mom has wanted her cookbook for a long time, so I figured what better birthday present then to buy her a signed copy when she came to the local bookstore in Ponca City. Yes, Brace Books in Ponca City is the closest bookstore to her home on the range. The problem was this, her signing was Dec. 10th, which was the last day of the Enid Tourney for Jeremy. So earlier in the week I stopped by to see what the deal was. I found out I could purchase books and she would sign them and I could pick them up, PERFECT! So that's what I did.

Well, I have a cookbook, and I really wanted it signed, so when the basketball game was a 6, I decided I'd go to the bookstore at 9:30, and if the number they were handing out was low enough I'd go ahead and drag my children to the signing. This bookstore gives out numbers, which is great, I was number 25, so I figured 30 minutes, should be pretty fast, that's not that far in line. They were nice enough to give me my books back, so I could get them all signed at one time. What I didn't count on is all the people in front of me, or what seemed like the first 15 having a stack of books, they should limit that you know. So an hour later and it's almost our turn to get in line, Maddie is screaming, Cooper finally found the train track in the store, but we got to meet her....
She was impressed because Maddie took her pacifier out for the picture, I couldn't drag Cooper away from the few tracks and trains the store had for him to be in the picture. In my 5 second conversation with her I found out, her mother in law went to school at Newkirk High School, and that she and Marlboro Man didn't find out the sex of any of their 4 kids. (Which if you didn't know we do not know what we are having, wouldn't have been able to tell if we wanted to, but will name a boy Kellen Lee and a girl Kellyn Lee)

I purchased her Children's book for the kids, she made it out to Cooper, Maddie, & K....Cooper LOVES this books, reads it all the time from memory, sleeps with it, the works, so you should pick it up!
Why am I just blogging about this now, well I didn't want my mom to know that I met her, so her book will be a total surprise. Unfortunately she found out I met her because when she and my Dad surprised me to start on the kids new room, she saw the book, saw it was signed, and I'm a horrible liar.

She said she would come back to Brace, after her new cookbook comes out, so I'll let everyone know, might as well drive here, you won't wait in a massive line to get your book signed!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

nice surprise! I love the name!

OK Chick said...

Isn't she nice? I met her a few years ago. She talked to everyone in line.

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