Well like everyone else we did the Halloween thing, a couple if times. Ponca City does a Goblins on Grand party, for kids 12 and under to do games so we started with that last Thursday.

This is where we learned the Kellyn is going to be all over trick or treating, she loves her candy!
Next up we carved some pumpkins!

Grandma came up Thursday morning to trick or treat with the kindergarten class, Kellyn and Maddie came a long and they got quite the loot!

She stayed around til after lunch so I could make Cooper's class their treats for the party. I thought it would be wise to sign up for the Halloween party since I currently only have 2 kids at home and Christmas is a little close to my due date to do that party!
I did ghost banana pops and spider web cheese pizza!

Then that night was time to trick or treat. So we for the past 2 years have gone over to some friends house that throw a huge Halloween bash and eat dinner then go out and trick or treat, then come back for dessert! The kids love Deb's house!

And now we've got enough candy to last for weeks around here!

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