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You'll only get that title if you've ever seen Roble & Co, a show where they do catering and party planning....basically what I'd love to do in my next life. So until then I'll just pretend in my random gigs I get myself into!
So last year when I planned my BFF Jenny's wedding at a nice home in Moore, shortly after the owners daughter got engaged and decided to get married at the house. Her mom contacted me to help out which essentially led to me catering the dinner for 100 guest. That was over a year ago, so as we got closer the menu was planned and the guest count went up to 150.
The menu was my Grandma's No 1 meal (most of it was), so no biggie for me. Roast, roast chicken, carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and a salad. So of course I recruited great help early on which was good since I'm very much pregnant! We cooked down at Capital Hill and I thought everything was under control. Which it was until I picked up the food and the roast were frozen solid, 40lbs of beef, the day before the wedding and the roast chicken was frozen butterflied breast. After some research turns out you can cook a frozen roast in a crock pot, but since they were huge that meant the earlier start the better. So my sweet mama went with me at 5:45 am to start the roast, and wheeled roasters around the clinic til all 4 were plugged in and all the breakers were still working! My parents also helped peel 50lbs of potatoes the night before. So the short of the story is everything turned out beautiful, tasty, and hot, and we hardly had any leftovers which in my book is a success! We may have run out if salad at the very end, but I was okay with that, who knew 15 heads wouldn't be enough lettuce? So if you need anything catered hit me up, now I've even got awesome warmers. A huge thanks to my parents, Jenny, and Brittany (my regular helpers) for pulling this together and to Alfredo's Mexican Restaurant for letting me borrow their warming bags. (Without which there would've been gravy all over my car, my nice detailed car!)
Mostly the best thing was the mother of the bride was so thrilled with how everything turned out, she admitted after she was worried, but I exceeded her expectations and she said I should do this full time, again maybe in another life! But I will not let people go shopping for food without me anymore, unless it's something simple!

See not much leftover!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, man! That is a lot to do! Congrats on being successful!

OK Chick said...

Michelle that's awesome! Great work! You handled your last minute stress perfectly. I have a feeling someday you'll be doing this as a full-time job.

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