Well it's that time of year for soccer, and I totally missed any pictures of the first game, I got pics of the second game. Which I'll admit was several year weeks ago. So here are a few. It's going about like last year, we don't score a lot, the older 2 are realizing it; but Cooper has scored a few goals and is getting better. So he is fun to watch. My Dad comes up and coaches on game day since he has this thing about me running around on the field with them, not being safe or something ;-). So now we only have 4 games left, then we're done with little sports for the year. There wasn't enough kids to sign up in Newkirk to play YMCA basketball, so since it coincides with actual basketball season it's too hard to go to Ponca for practice and games. (Not like we have anything else coming up to make basketball season a little crazy!)

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