First Day of School 2014

School is back! Cooper started 1st Grade and Maddie started Pre-K today! I really debated not even taking Maddie to school cause Jeremy takes them and brings them home every day! (Perks of having a Dad that works next door!) But then I started to feel bad about not going on her 1st day, so we went. It went about like I expected, she was fine until I left, which she started crying and I left her in the loving arms of Mrs. Vap....which I was fine with because Cooper had Mrs. Vap, I know her well enough to know Maddie is in great hands, and the assistant teacher is great too. I'm sure she was fine as soon as Rise and Shine started! Then of course we got out the door to the car and Kellyn started throwing a fit cause she wanted to stay. She screamed the whole way home, until she finally came inside and settled down with Sofia the crazy morning. But I can't wait to hear all about their first day when they get home!!

'twas the night before school, and the bags and boards were ready!

We read a sweet Pre-K note....

and sprinkled glitter under our pillow for sweet dreams!

Then got up to eat breakfast, take pics, and head off to school!

So now it's just Kellyn, Drew, and me at home....hopefully I'll be able to get some work done during the day!!

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