Destin 2014

Well we made it to Destin and back, and the week went by all to fast! We invited a girl from Kiowa to join us this year. Callie is going into 9th grade and was so helpful for bathroom stops on the drive, carrying everything out to the beach and playing in the ocean with all the little dare devils.....cause truth be told, this is what I did while at the beach....

Except I only had one book, and was done fairly quickly so I just sat in the chair and held Drew....which is totally the life! We had a great time with all the cousins this year, even David and his family came for a few days!

On Monday morning my parents set up this treasure hunt, the beach was totally empty so we had it to ourselves, the kids loved it! It was fun to watch them read the map and it took them forever to dig the treasure out!

It was such a fun morning! Since the beach was empty cause it had just sprinkled a bit, we got this awesome pic of all the kids in year we'll add one more! (Not us particularly, but the Anderson's will have another girl!)

There might be a good family pic on my Dad's camera, so there might be a 2nd picture beach post coming your way....stay tuned! But at least I'm caught up on the happenings of the Summer before school starts next week!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Treasure Hunt - how cool! They'll never forget that!

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