Maddie had her first Ballet class Saturday. My mom has been looking forward to this for months....I'm serious months! She is taking ballet in Edmond with a good family friend who happens to run the best studio ever! I had high hopes for Maddie to be a natural, since she is so petite, and has potential to be so tall. Well....those hopes were crashed in about the first 30 seconds of class. But she got better as class went on. She really enjoyed it, so I'm excited for her to get to do something this year. She's watched Cooper play soccer and basketball for a couple of years, so right now it's her turn. Plus she looks so adorable in her ballet stuff! This weekend I finally also got to use the words my mom said she's been waiting to hear..."I don't know, I wasn't aloud to take dance..." Cause my parents are all for Maddie taking ballet and they were generous enough to buy her wardrobe. So now, I just have to get her to Edmond every Saturday for class, but I think if she likes it enough, she'll at least be learning from the best around!


Ryan and Katie said...

She looks so sweet! And I'm shocked that she let you braid her hair! Where is she taking lessons? Liv wants to do dance but I'm waiting a bit until we are in our school routine before I add anything else. (I was also never allowed to dance which might be why I love zumba so much as an adult!)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet! So many people I know that took some form of ballet turned out to be so graceful. If that's all that she ever gets out of it, it would be worth it!

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