Single digits....

We are now down to single digits til Drew's arrival! I made it through the entire tourney last week without going into labor. Pretty sure Jeremy and I are the only ones not worried about that happening. The boys got 2nd in this tourney, which was a little sad cause they only lost by 4 in the finals. But as Jeremy says I'll take that over the toliet bowl game any day. We had breakfast for them Saturday am, a little bonding time...

One of the moms came over and did all my dishes and cleaned my kitchen when they left. Which I told her she didn't have to, but in hindsight it was such a thoughtful thing to do. So the kids and I are now officially taking a hiatus from basketball games until after Drew is born, it's up in the air if we will go to their final tourney game the weekend after he comes. I know, I'm a dork, I just love going, the kids love it, and someone needs to be there for the coach! In all honesty if the moms weren't so awesome with the kids we wouldn't go so much.
I've finished my work project in Alva so next week I can completely focus in getting the house ready for Drew to come home! I'm sure a perfect project will come up during my "maternity leave".
So if you're reading this and want to hold a little baby, Jeremy will return to Newkirk on Tuesday, my mom has the kids, so come on by the hospital, I'll welcome you with open arms. Message me or call me, I won't announce where I'm delivering on the is in OKC. If all goes as planned we plan to be back at my parents house on Wednesday. Then my mom will be taking the kids and I home that weekend so Cooper can go back to school on Monday! She is staying the week with us since I will not be able to drive until the following week. I know, totally blessed to have parents that support my husband in his job to give so much of their time to help us so he can continue what's shaping up to be a great season! Cause I'm aware we may not have planned this out to well, but not much we can do about it now!
I've been letting Cooper and Maddie sleep in the old bed a lot, it was a rule they could only do that on weekends, but I'm a little push over right now. I found them like this the other night! So sweet!

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