Almost there.....

Well there are 11 days left of me being pregnant ever....or 5 basketball games, however you want to look at it! Everything we need for Drew is at my parents house for his first trip to Grandmas house if all goes well 2 weeks from today! Yesterday I got the bright idea to list our Murano on Craig's list to see if maybe we could get a little more money for it then trading it in! It happened really fast and after my doc appointment today I got it detailed at Fast Lanes on Penn and Memorial (go there, they are awesome, I should've taken before and after pics!) Lucky for me because I went there I was treated to a delicious lunch with a friend while they worked wonders on my car. (This may only happen to you if you name your 4th child after the owners son!) I had several people interested in the car and I sold it to the first buyer, paid it off, filled out the title and it was sold in just over 24 hours.
So that's done and I'm a lot relieved cause at least half of that process is finished. Luckily my parents are able to supply us with a temporary vehicle until we can purchase ours. After months of looking a 2006 Suburban with everything we wanted, mainly low price and mileage came up at car max. We had to ship it to Edmond and while it's supposed to arrive there tomorrow, next Saturday is the only day Jeremy and I can both be there to purchase it! Looks like that is all shaping up well! So if I can make it through the next week and half, hopefully without losing too much weight all will be right on schedule!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

i have driven 2 Suburbans the last 14 years - I think that's right - and I love them! WTG

Summer Lashley said...

Only YOU could sell a car, buy a car, get ready for a baby, work, and raise three other babies while being nine months preggo.

I want you to come work with me at OC. I've never met a more productive person in my life. Ever.

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