Well we did Christmas, and we did it big! We had 5 Christmases. (Yes, I'm totally agreeing with you, overkill) So we started out with Christmas with my Dad's entire family on Saturday before Christmas, only 2 people weren't present, Luke who is coming in January for the OC Athletic Banquet and Uncle Chuck, who had to preach. (Or maybe the thought of having Christmas with 10 kids 6 and under scared him away!) My parents had wanted to do the reenactment of the Birth of Jesus that my cousins and I had done when we were younger. The big difference here is most of us were at least 4 years older then all of them, but we still had a lot of fun. These little kids love to be together.

Then we had dinner and presents and Mama Jo and Papa's house. Kellyn got an Bitty Baby, like Maddie's. They fight over that doll all the time; pretty sure Maddie was more excited about it then Kellyn. But they are enjoying dressing the babies up the same.

Sunday we had church at their house, then later that night we loaded up in a Capital Hill van and took all the kids to see lights. We had a lot of fun, we went to one house that was set to music. The kids loved it. It was great to spend so much time with them all!

Next up was Monday. I had a doc appointment then we went to Texas to visit Jeremy's family. We stayed a few hours, opened presents, let the kids play with their cousin Ellie. Then we made the trip back to OK but everyone had fun til about 7:00 that night when I started getting sick, a lot. The trip home was not good for me, and we almost went straight to the hospital. But after I had been out of the car for a while I started to feel better. It took about a week and forcing fluids down to keep me out of hospital. So I felt really bad on Christmas Eve, my mom's birthday and while Jeremy finished up shopping she was kind enough to take care of me and the kids! We had Christmas with David, Leslie, and Charlie, and Daniel Christmas morning at their house.

We had a nice Christmas steak lunch, then rested up for the afternoon. That night my mom's family came over for desserts and dirty (nice dirty) Santa. The next morning we headed home!

So the kids didn't want to wait for Santa's hidden presents til the next morning so they played in their room while we got everything ready for the last Christmas!

Overall everyone had a good Christmas, I wish I had more pictures, but I'm just glad at this point to be feeling mostly better. If you're wondering, no my doc will not be taking this baby early unless something else comes up, so as long as I'm staying hydrated, I'm hanging tight. I've gathered enough work to limit my trips to Alva for the remainder of the pregnancy so hopefully that'll help some. Hope everyone else had a great Christmas. We are in full swing get ready for baby mode at our house! Only 2 weeks left!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sorry you were sick! Thank God you got over it and hung on through all the parties. Sounds like some pretty sweet family times.

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