32 lbs of brisket later......

Well we made it through the dinner! I had some left overs, but I'm pleased to say there was more then enough food, not too bad of an overage, and over all everyone had a great time. (At least I think they did) So here are a few pics of the event, from getting ready, cooking food, power washing, full fridges, the table settings, and everyone sitting down! I wish I had more pics, but between the girls, getting things warmed, and failed rolls, I was a little busy. Yes, the only thing that went wrong was the rolls didn't rise.....anyone out there feel free to offer me some tips or come teach me how to make rolls rise. We decided to buy them, cause it just would look better. A huge thanks to Brittany, my Mom, Mrs. Gaither (she fried all the okra and I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm CRAZY!), my grandma, (and her double ovens for the chickens), Jenny, my Dad (who did most of the dishes), Renai (boots & flowers), Summer (for additional serving pieces) and the Capital Hill girls that helped out. This would not have become my vision without them! Poor Brittany came over with her 2 girls at 11, and worked like crazy with me til I sent her home about 10, but really our girls got to play together which worked out great. They get along so well, in their words when we checked on them...."go away, we're busy!" The picture I should've took was my poor swollen foot after I took my post op-shoe off, it was sore. I'm happy to report that feels better, however, my back needs a little more time! Yes, the pie in the jar dessert made a return, those ended up being a huge hit this summer for me!

The super cute name card holders were done by the groom's mom! So if you ever need a party, the bride and groom said they'd write me a good rec, maybe I'll agree do it for you! They said it was more then they could've ever imagined which was the plan. I figure if someone is going to give me the task of a night they'll remember forever, I better make it more then they can dream of.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Impressive! The food and decor looked terrific!

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