Travel Bags....

I know, I'm that blogger that hasn't blogged in forever. But I've had a lot going on, and I'm starting to get my bearings again! We are headed out tomorrow on the family trek to Destin, FL, and since the kids will probably choose to ride with my parents I didn't want them to have to listen to 100 rounds of Spring is Here on their current favorite video I put together some other options. We'll find out tomorrow how they go over! Here is is in photos!

 Their travel bags, Cooper's is green cause it's is favorite color, Maddie's is pink cause she's a girl...

So in this magic bags are puzzles with magnets, dry erase markers, twist up crayons, stickers, a lap dry erase board, and a few coloring books, and the binder!
 The binder contains different games, mazes, hidden pictures, and letter tracing, with a map of where we are going.
 The idea for the puzzles is I've glued magnets to the back and they'll stick to this pizza tray so they should stay together!

They can earn "car bucks" for good behavior and trade them in for one of these surprises on the way. Guess I'll have to stock up on the way back!

Just about all my printables came from this site, and the whole thing probably cost me about $25, besides the printing and the sheet protectors my mom already had. Oh they can use the dry erase markers on the sheet protectors for endless amounts of fun! Hopefully this will keep them well occupied until we get to Florida!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

It does my heart good to see you doing all this awesome stuff that doesn't require any kind of batteries or cords! I did a lot of stuff like that when we traveled too. You may have heard this idea but another one I did was to wrap various activities in gift wrap and let them un wrap one each hour or whatever time you decide. Just made it a little more fun - like a grab bag!
Have fun!

Erin said...

What a great idea!! I might have to copy you for our trip to NC. We are flying so it won't be as much travel time, but we could still use some entertainment.

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