Young/Wedel/Lauxman Christmas Party

Jeremy and I actually have 8 kids....I know you're shocked. But every year since we've been married we've had a Christmas Party with the 3 Wedel girls, and 3 Lauxman girls.....all together. This was our 5th year, so "grand-dad" splurged and got us a special treat. We went to look at lights in Yukon, OKC, and down around Chesapeake....this was our view:
We enjoyed all our lights from the comfort of a very nice limo! The girls were excited and it allowed everyone to just hang out and talk. It was so much fun!
I'm sure our Limo Driver thought this was an odd mix....we range from 29-7 months. But I think he had fun! I can't believe how big all these girls are getting or maybe it is how old I am getting. But I'm thankful for them all, and we are so blessed to have them now love on our kids!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

So cool! I was trying to figure out the connection...babysitting?

Colby said...

aw yay!!! love ya mom :)

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