It's 3:47 am....I've been awake for a while. Why? I'm sure it has happened to you, your mind is running 1000 miles a minute. I'm thinking I should roll out those sugar cookies I have to make for Jeremy's fall fastival at Pittsburg, or maybe I should pick up the house a little bit, finish cleaning the kitchen? But we all know I'm not going to do those things at 3 whatever in the morning. So, I'll settle for catching up on blogs, updating this one with a random post, and blogging for my food post tomorrow. At least that gives me 1 less thing to do!


The Warriors said...

I'm super proud of you for the P90x...a few more weeks and you will have me beat! I started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and I LOVE IT!! It is just 20 minutes, but it KILLS...miss you guys!

OK Chick said...

All the time. This AM I was wide awake at 4:15am. I told myself if I was still awake at 5am I was getting up and going to aerobics. I fell a sleep.

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