are you kidding....

One of my loyal cooking blog readers left this comment for me:

Did you read about this blog where a woman is doing the same thing you are? She's going to be on Rachael's talk show tomorrow. She's getting married, wanted to learn to cook, and has only been doing it since August. How come she gets on the show and you don't? You've been cooking Rachael's recipes daily for months!

Here is the link if you'd like to see her blog.

Apparently they think it's about as fair as I think it is....I looked at her blog, and mine is different then hers, more explanation BUT she got to be on the Rachael Ray show....I'm guessing cause she needed to learn how to cook, but still what is it going to take to get on that show?

Feel free to write Rachael Ray and tell her about me. I have a feeling I can kiss my chances goodbye....(insert sad face with tear here).


Ryan and Katie said...

That sucks. I'm sorry, and your blog is WAY better than hers!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, that does stink! You would be much better showing how husbands and babies like those recipes!

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