Tis the season!

Nope not the Holiday season, but it's Basketball season, finally! I know I'm a crazy coach's wife who is probably more invested in these games then I should be, but a happy home is a winning coach! (He's not that bad if they don't win though!) We had our annual pasta dinner on Sunday night, the regulars came, the new guys just don't know what they are missing.
We ate leftovers 2 nights and I sent a pan of spaghetti home with one of the boys. But you better believe I kept the entire ice cream cake roll that was left!

Monday night the JV played Ponca City, Jeremy only played his best JV players for half, so they lost that game. Then last night was the official start for Varsity. They were playing a private school out of Wichita. The boys were pretty nervous cause if you matched the teams up their stats might have looked better then ours. But the boys played so well, ahead by 10 or so the entire time until the 4th quarter when it got close. I told them after the game I like those relaxing games, and they said they liked the closer ones. I reminded them that's all fun until I go into labor.....they agreed so maybe they'll make the rest of the games easy wins! The night ended well with the JV and Varsity boys winning, and the Varsity girls won too at the last minute! (No JV girls game.) So opening night was an entire sweep for Newkirk! Hopefully there are a lot more of those to come!

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