Busy Last Week!

Last week we were busy. I'm continuing working in Alva, the girls are doing okay with the adjustment. Maddie isn't a big fan, so hopefully this is short lived.

Cooper's Christmas program was Tuesday, my mom and Mama Jo came up for the program to watch him. I didn't get a picture of all of them together, I should've. After the heater in the Auditorium wasn't working well, they moved their 2 shows to 1 show in the cafeteria. It was crowded. I attempted to film and take pictures for Jeremy, because they were making their start in the Frontier tourney at the same time as the program. So I was especially glad for the help, to attempt my video and picture taking while not having to worry about the girls.

See you can barely see him. Oh well. Kirk, our new elf came to our house after Cooper's Christmas program....thanks mom. But in all seriousness, the kids are so excited to look for him every morning, now if I just remember to move him around. The play was cute, the text from basketball mom's were stressful, but we won, so all turned out good! We had a break on Wednesday, then Thursday I didn't go to Alva and just worked from home so we could make Thursday's game for the tourney. They played Tonkawa, which is a bit of a rival, we have not beat them since Jeremy started coaching at Newkirk. We won in a thrilling double overtime game for the boys to make an appearance in the Championship game!! Everyone was so excited, and I didn't go into labor, so double bonus! Friday night the JV played and the kids and I stayed at home.
Saturday was the annual Newkirk Christmas Parade;/ I took the kids to that before heading back to Frontier for the Championship game. The parade was pretty cute, and freezing cold. As long as the kids were collecting candy, they were good to go. Except Maddie just sat in the back of the car and let her siblings round up the candy.

Then off to Frontier we went to watch the boys take an impressive commanding lead the entire game. They played so well, I am so proud of them. I am also so excited for them, it's been a long time since a boys team has accomplished a tourney win, so we're told. They have worked hard for it, hopefully it's only the beginning. We've got 2 games next week, so hopefully they'll continue their winning streak out! I know winning isn't everything, but it's definitely more fun when they win!

Newkirk's biggest fans!! Jeremy had extra medals, so everyone wanted one but Maddie. Kellyn actually tried to wear hers to bed, but don't worry we didn't let her!!

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Sounds like a great weekend! Hang in there!

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