Magic Kingdom!

Well we made it to "The Happiest Place on Earth" although I think if you've got kids it is the "Tiredest Place on Earth". So here in the next few days I'll post a few pics from each of the parks. We started Monday with of course, Magic Kingdom. For Cooper and Maddie it was more then magical. The loved seeing all the characters, riding all the rides, and you could tell they had so much fun. What wasn't fun was all the rain that day, not just a little rain, like a few downpours that day. But we made the best of it, and may not look beautiful in all the pictures, but what are you going to do? Yes, there are a lot of people there in July, but the fast passes make it bearable, and the kids did so awesome. No breakdowns, melt downs, or real fussy kids. So I was one happy momma. The best things of the day were:

-Pulling up in the Steamboat and seeing "The Castle"
-Maddie blowing kisses to all the princesses during the parade. She got several back!
-Riding the Dumbo ride, but apparently the Buzz Lightyear ride won out for Cooper.
-Cooper saying how Space Mountain was too fast. (I was so sad I didn't get to ride this with him, my doc said no no on roller coasters.)
-Maddie seeing Cinderella for the first time, she looked back and said "Mom, she's so beautiful!"

So it was all a dream, a magical dream come true. I know Maddie and Kellyn probably won't remember this trip to Disney, but it was so worth it to see their faces every time they saw someone they loved. Priceless!! And I'm so glad we took the trip with my parents, cause we wouldn't have made it without them. I would never want to go to Disney more pregnant then I was.


Ryan and Katie said...

priceless! I love seeing family fun at Disney!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Those are great! Fun words needed.

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