Flip Burger Boutique

We stopped last week in Birmingham, AL for dinner, and the fam was nice enough to make a stop to eat at my favorite chefs restaurant there! So my dreams came true to eat at a Richard Blais restaurant, some day I'll make it to Atlanta to The Spence where he is the chef, until then this will do! The burgers were so good, I got a sampler to try 2, and the chicken sandwich. My favorite was the blue cheese burger with truffle oil, so so good!

And then there was this beauty, a liquid nitrogen Nutella shake with marshmallows! I have no words for this one!

For me, at least, it was worth the stop!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Funny, I have a new obsession with bleu cheese on things too! What in the world - liquid nitrogen?

OK Chick said...

We ate at one of his places in Chicago. It was good!!!
This place looks amazing. I'm jealous.

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