Hello & Goodbye May....

Well May isn't really over yet, but it sure is flying by. We had the All-Sports Banquet, Mother's Day (Cooper was sick, so there isn't any pictures or any great stories about that day), Graduation, and the End of School! We squeezed in a little family time in May, so here are a few  pics!

Maddie turned 2! So we had a little family b-day party on her actual birthday!

 Sunglasses and poms.....this picture is a scary look into her life as a teen.....

This week we took the kids to this park in Arkcity, KS, we have driven by this park and thought the kids would enjoy it. The park was great! It wasn't crowded and the kids had a blast!

The real reason we took them to this park was so Cooper could crawl up in this train, he loved it. So it was a fun afternoon for everyone! I guess that's a major perk of Dad being mostly home for the summer, we can take afternoons and do some fun things during the week. I bet this place is crowded on the weekends! ( I say mostly home cause basketball camps will be coming fast and furious!)

So we've got basketball camps at Newkirk coming up, which we've had a pretty good turnout so far, so that's exciting, Maddie's birthday party at my parents, a shower, and 2 weddings! The next couple of weeks are going to busy so we're enjoying Memorial Day weekend at home, relaxing!

Cause she's so cute....

I didn't totally drop the ball on the third baby and we did have Jana Hill take some newborn pics for us. She's taken all the kids, and Kellyn is super cute in all her pics, it was tough to pick some out. We took these when she was just over a week old! But I finally got my act together and choose a few, so here are some for you to see!

2 months

2 months....really?!? Someone stop this baby from growing up so I don't have another one! Kellyn is still so sweet! We are still getting on a good feeding schedule; she likes to eat about every 2 hours, which is semi-annoying, but since we're just at home a lot it's not a big deal. She smiles and makes sweet sounds, and rarely ever cries. Her new favorite thing is to blow bubbles.....which I feel like she's doing a little soon, but honestly time just runs all together and I can't remember when that is normal. Cooper continues to tell me, "Mom, we love her!" But he has also started asking when Kellyn is going to go back to God, so I guess it's give and take!

Happy 2 months sweet girl....and happy 2 years to your sister, more to come on that later!

Lil' Sisters Wedding!!!

I know you're thinking you don't have any little sisters. Well, kinda sorta, not by blood I do have about 6 little sisters. The older three I started "baby sitting" or I was the driver for the older 2 the summer after my Freshman year of college. I spent a lot of time with them that summer, stayed in their house while they were at camp and their parents went off to climb some mountain somewhere. I stayed with the girls a lot during college whenever both parental units were away, once, 2 weeks, during spring sing practice. That's how much I love these girls! (I love their parents too!) I work for Dad and their mom is my go-to when I need adult advice and maybe I didn't want to talk to my parents while I was in school. They were all in my wedding almost 7 years ago and now they baby sit my kids, well 2 of them have. The middle one got married in a most romantic perfect wedding for her at their home this weekend. One of the hair girls put it best, "it's like Twilight, but better!" Which is totally true. They do like to keep it real, so of course they served up some burritos for dinner and a great Cinco De Mayo celebration!! Here are a few pics of the night!

We even got a decent family picture out of the deal. But in all seriousness, I am so excited for her, we love Brett, he's a great guy and a perfect match for her. I wish them the best in the month ahead as they finish school and get settled into their life together!

Kellyn's Shower

Saturday Jeremy and I made a quick decision to take in the Mavs/Thunder game. My mom was coming for Kellyn's shower so she and my Dad kept Cooper and Maddie until Monday. Which was great, because my grandma was coming too, which meant I could clean the house, it would stay clean, and cook them a nice dinner. We also may have went to see the Hunger Games, I got almost 4 miles in over the 2 days, and started buying supplies for Maddie's 2nd birthday! The sweet ladies at church really wanted to give Kellyn a shower, so it was last night. The quote of the night was we were on the way there and Cooper asked if Kellyn was going to get wet, it was pretty funny. So Kellyn is all outfitted in several super cute outfits, and I think all the ladies enjoyed meeting my mom and grandma. My grandma talked to them all about their great grand kids....Kellyn is her 9th, and we are pretty sure she is the only one that has come and there isn't another one 6 months behind. That's how the North Grand kids roll....about every 6 months producing another child, until now. I didn't take many pics, but here are a few....

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