Lil' Sisters Wedding!!!

I know you're thinking you don't have any little sisters. Well, kinda sorta, not by blood I do have about 6 little sisters. The older three I started "baby sitting" or I was the driver for the older 2 the summer after my Freshman year of college. I spent a lot of time with them that summer, stayed in their house while they were at camp and their parents went off to climb some mountain somewhere. I stayed with the girls a lot during college whenever both parental units were away, once, 2 weeks, during spring sing practice. That's how much I love these girls! (I love their parents too!) I work for Dad and their mom is my go-to when I need adult advice and maybe I didn't want to talk to my parents while I was in school. They were all in my wedding almost 7 years ago and now they baby sit my kids, well 2 of them have. The middle one got married in a most romantic perfect wedding for her at their home this weekend. One of the hair girls put it best, "it's like Twilight, but better!" Which is totally true. They do like to keep it real, so of course they served up some burritos for dinner and a great Cinco De Mayo celebration!! Here are a few pics of the night!

We even got a decent family picture out of the deal. But in all seriousness, I am so excited for her, we love Brett, he's a great guy and a perfect match for her. I wish them the best in the month ahead as they finish school and get settled into their life together!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, that is a cute family picture at the end! I totally agree with you - most awesome wedding ever. I may post some pics too for my sis-in-law who loves decorating!

OK Chick said...

Pretty wedding. I think getting married in the backyard is very cute. IF I ever get married, I want a backyard wedding.

John said...
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