First Day of School

Well it took a village, but we got Cooper to school for the first day today. A lovely girl drove the kids and I to Newkirk last night, spent the night with us, then drove the girls and I back to my parents house. Cooper is staying with his Dad to go to school tomorrow. So he had a successful first day! He went home with another teacher to play with her kids today while the boys had practice. This was our conversation:
Me: "Cooper did you have fun at school?"
Cooper: "Yes!"
Me: "Were you good?"
Cooper: "Yes!"
Me: "Did you potty?"
Cooper: "Yes! I'm at Grady and Garner's house."
Me: "Do you want me to let you go so you can play?"
Cooper: "YES! Bye Mom."
So there you have it, everything went well, there were no tears, except for Maddie who took her Bitty Baby Backpack with her to drop him off, and cried when Jeremy carried her out of the school back to the car. So she'll learn what to do without Cooper eventually.
I have to give a shout out to my Aunt Mary Ann who sewed this awesome nap mat for Cooper from this pattern....he loves it!


Ryan and Katie said...

Such a cute photo idea! I'm so sorry your foot woes made you miss it!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

WOW, it does take a village! Great to have relatives and friends around you to take care of things for you. Glad he did so well!

OK Chick said...

I love his first day of school picture. It's very cute!!!

PS- A train conductor is an awesome job. Do you know how much they make? Lots. HA!

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