Disney Live!

My mom mentioned to me Friday that Mickey Mouse was going to be in OKC on Saturday. Well, Cooper LOVES Mickey Mouse, it's supposedly what he wants for his upcoming 3rd (insert tear) birthday to be. After I researched it I found that the Disney Live Magic show would be in Tulsa on Sunday. Tulsa is better for us....Jeremy has no games on Sunday and it is closer, by about 40 minutes. So after I decided we would go after church; my parents then decided that they would also meet us there.

{Let's be honest here....I did not go to Tulsa for Mickey Mouse, not that I don't enjoy doing things for my kids....but there is a Starbucks there, and the cherry on top is there is an Anthropologie there. So best day ever for me!!}

When we pulled up to Anthropologie, Cooper still unaware of the day's events, said "Oh there's grandma....and she brought grandpa!" They had beat us there and already bought tickets to the show (a plus of bringing your parents along.) So after some shopping at Anthropologie, (they should pay me for this post) where Cooper proclaimed how much he liked this shirt and that shirt...and this jacket and that jacket.....he'll make such a good husband one day, we took off to the show!

{best of many attempts at a family photo}
Where he got to see Mickey Mouse, and where he got this fabulous spinning light up toy....might be annoying but it's worth the extravagant price if it entertains both of my children. Maddie was actually pretty into the show. She was watching and clapping....it was pretty funny. But she does love anything sparkly! When it was over Cooper said, "Let's watch it again!" He may have also tried to drag my Dad backstage during intermission to see Mickey Mouse. So there is Cooper's best day ever.

Well, Dad needed a best day ever too, cause let's be honest, this coaching thing is tough....I know you think you know it's tough, but unless you've been here, you have no idea! So he got to pick dinner. P.F. Chang's. Which, I'll admit, as much as I don't like Chinese, it is really good. However, Cooper proclaimed the only thing he wanted was Cheesecake. After eating a good helping of noodles, he got his cheesecake. He ate everything with chopsticks! So again, Dad's best day, and maybe a little more of Cooper's best day too!

Maddie got some rice, so I guess even though there is no picture, it was her best day ever too, and she did love the Magic Show.

So if you're still reading this massive post, thanks, if not, maybe you at least saw some pictures and got a hint of our best day ever! (Not like it's the first best day ever, and I'm sure it's not the last best day ever!)

I know, my blogging has been lacking, but I finally finished this website, and some picture editing, among many other distractions!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like a good day for everyone!!!

Krystle OBryan said...

Noah loves Mickey too. We went to the show in OKC on Saturday!! Noah love it!!!

Anonymous said...


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shawnandjill said...

I completely feel your pain on the coaching issues. Hang in there! Spring Break is right around the corner :) Your kiddos are adorable!

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