18 weeks

Jeremy and I had a great anniversary. We ate at the Melting Pot and then enjoyed a night full of sleep at the Skirvin. Cooper did so good with grandma and grandpa, he woke up once in the night and then went right back to sleep until 7:30. Last week we had my mom's side family reunion, luckily it was here in town so we joined everyone for meals. Cooper got some ice cream, and he loved it. We ventured out to take Cooper to his first fireworks show, he was interested for a while, however about 15 minutes into the show he was ready to go to sleep. He honestly looked annoyed that the fireworks weren't stopping. It was cute to watch, he wasn't even scared of the noise. Jeremy and I also decided since he had a few days off from camp we would decorate our room, the only room in the house that hasn't really been decorated, so it's a work in progress but it is coming along nicely. I decided since every room in our house seems to have black, blue, and tan, we should use green instead of blue. It is very relaxing and if I ever get it all cleaned up it'll be wonderful. I could take the pack and play down that Cooper never uses, but honestly I'm just lazy. One last thing before the usual beautiful pictorial below, my friend at work brought some blackberries from her parents' blackberry farm today. I don't really like blackberries that much, but I tried these and they are excellent. It's a farm called First Fruits Farm, they are open Thursday and Saturday morning from 7-12, you can pick your own blackberries and I can't remember the exact price but it isn't bad. Also, she said you can eat them as you pick them, I plan on going out there, it is about 3 miles North of Oak Tree on Kelly, so go pick some for your family!

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