Destin 2015

A week after we officially moved in to our house (I know, we're still not quite done yet, so pictures still to come!) we made the trek to Destin for our annual Beach trip! We had a blast as usual and it was crazy to see how brave all the kids were this year. The ocean was very calm this year and we saw, stingrays, turtles, dolphins, and yes, there were sharks, not very far from us, a few of all the adults were on high alert all the time watching for those things! The kids favorite thing to do was swim out to the sandbar, which they did almost every day, but remember it was really calm. So with some on boards and some in life jackets it was doable. Instead of a treasure hunt my parents set up "The Beach Games" for the kiddos. We divided them up into 2 teams, the had to fill a bucket up with water with a small shovel (running to the water), find a puzzle buried in the sand and put it together, pop more bubbles then the other team, build the tallest tower of sand, move and rebuild a pyramid of buckets, and lastly find rings in the ocean. Oddly enough the ocean was the roughest that day so the rings were a pretty big challenge! They all had so much fun. I'm so thrilled that all our kids will have these special times with Mama Jo and Papa Staff that they hopefully will remember forever! Oh we did squeeze in some family pics, because we hadn't had some taken in years, I'm in love with those, and the colors will look great up in the house! So here are just a few pics from the week, trust me I could post hundreds!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like an especially good year! Love the team games! And your pictures!

OK Chick said...

I love the pic of the boy cousins in a huddle. Destin is a great place!

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