24 Hour Great Date!

For Christmas I purchased Jeremy and I tickets to go to Pentatonix. They won a season of the Sing Off. We think they are so talented and enjoy listening to what they do with the songs they choose. So we thought we'd make a little getaway out of it. We met up at the DoubleTree downtown and enjoyed some rest and pampering prior to the concert. We had reservations at Yokounza. Which was so yummy!

I'm not a huge sushi or Chinese food fan, but seriously, the food was great!

So the concert was excellent, in a smaller theater, The Brady Theater. They were so entertaining! Kevin, the percussionist is so talented, he's got a little 5 song album out on ITunes, you should check it out! It's worth your $4!

We ended the night with some yummy cupcakes from Pinkitzel!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a wonderful brunch buffet at Kitchen 624, which is more a catering space, but they open for brunch on Sunday, go, you should totally go. It was amazing!!

That was just my first plate, it had everything you'd want at a brunch! It was a lovely weekend, a great 24 hours. It either gave me some extra rest to handle my next 24 hours (and counting) or my next life event was punishment for enjoying a little time with the hubs and I. I'll go with the first because surely it won't be the last time we sneak away!

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