Valentine's Day!

It's been a while since we've celebrated Valentine's day on the actual day. So Jeremy planned a nice evening for us in OKC. Which meant after a great Senior night in Newkirk we all headed to Edmond.
My parents took Cooper to Arlington to a Motor Cross race to watch a guy from church, Trey Canard. Now of course Cooper wants to be a motocross racer. They got to go down to the pit before and after the race, and Cooper got to meet him! In the racing world he's a big deal!

So they had fun! Meanwhile, Jeremy came to ballet to watch our little Student of the Month do her thing!

She was really excited for Jeremy to come watch, it was his first time. Then I actually went and had my hair done for our night out! I supplied Colby with some vday treats for herself, and some heart pizza and Pinkitzel Cupcakes for the girls and Drew to enjoy. Jeremy took me to Juniors, which might be an old school place, but the steak is yummy! And don't be jealous but in good bachelor form he set a lone rose on the table....

He thinks he is so funny. I'm sure people around us were like what in the world? Then we went downtown to Starbucks and saw the Wedding Ringer.

So overall a great night out! Here are the kids Valentine's the kids gave out at school and Maddie's box!

Hope everyone else had a fantastic Love day!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet. The Wedding Ringer? I'm out of it, I guess!

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