Drew is 1!

I can not believe that it's been a year since this sweet boy came into the world!

It has flown by, but has been such a blast!

The picture above pretty much describes how I feel about today. I am sad my baby is turning 1, probably our last baby. (Never say never you know ;-)!) I am also so excited to move on to our next stage as parents. Having kids that sleep more through the night then not, everyone walking, talking, and continuing to all just play together! So since Drew's birthday is during basketball we are celebrating in a couple of weeks. The kids and I did take him to Starbucks to get his first milk!

He loved it, but it has not diminished his love for nursing, at least yet. Then we had a little birthday cake for him! He just wanted the icing!

And we went ahead and have him his little backpack. All the kids have been given one for their first birthday. I let the kids pick his out!

So it was a great day, and now he's 1! He loves to say mama, my mama, and hi. He likes to wave, play with cars, destroy his brother's Legos, and pull his sisters hair. He loves his mama to hold him, but likes to look at his Dad! He has completely filled all of us with joy as he fills our house with his laughter! Like I said, it's been an awesome year! Love you Baby Drew!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Happy birthday Drew! You are right, never say never. :)

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