Pleasant Valley VBS

My Aunt Linda asked my Dad to reprise his roll as Mr. VBS at their church in Little Rock so the kiddos tagged along. Which gave Jeremy, Drew, and I some quality time together where we enjoyed a few dinners out and a couple of movies! Apparently on Sunday at VBS Cooper led a prayer that was heartfelt and left all the adults in the room asking whose kid that was! So I'm so proud that what we've been teaching him at home is getting through to him. They talked about the prodigal son, and Cooper said he would never leave Jesus, I pray all the time that is the case! All 3 kiddos stayed with Jeni and Necon; Kellyn was supposed to stay with my parents, but apparently she grabbed her little backpack and walked right into Jeni's so they kept her too! Necon took a few pics and sent them to me!

The other boy in the photo above is Necon's sisters boy, who apparently is now a "cousin" to us! I love that my kids are getting to see their cousins so much this summer; Levi is even coming to OKC for Pee-wee camp now!!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It's so fun for cousins to get together and know each other! A great break for you, too.

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