District Champs!

Well it's bittersweet around the house cause basketball is over. We were hoping for at least one more weekend, but with a record of 14-11, the boys had the best season they've had since we've been in Newkirk. They won 1st Place at the Frontier tourney, 2nd Place at Ripley, 4th Place at Glencoe, had a 6 game winning streak toward the end including beating Pawnee (which is a huge deal); capped it off with a win for District Champs against #6 Sperry at Sperry. So that was a great year for all of them. I am especially sad because the Seniors that we are losing. Those boys moms and I have become very close, although they may not be in my stage of life, I always enjoy being with them, doing things for the boys, and most importantly the loving they give my kiddos! One will be sticking around cause she has a sophomore, one will take a year off cause her next one is just in 8th grade, and one will be gone, cause this Senior is her baby. (But she offered babysitting for my kids next year!) I think all the parents were pretty happy with how things went this year, there were so many great moments! So for now we'll look forward to what next year holds!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like it went well and you have made some good connections! Congrats!

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