Oma's Girls (& Cooper)

I know it's been weeks, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully I'll post some pics of what's been going on tomorrow, after Cooper starts the trek to SPI with his grandparents. Jeremy, Maddie, and I will meet up with them Sunday, I have to shoot a wedding in Denton, TX on Saturday night, so we plan to drive some after the wedding and then the rest of the way on Sunday. We've been so busy, Jeremy has been at camp just about all day, I have been feeding Maddie, seriously, that's about all I do, and Cooper has been playing with his Aunt and Cousin and going to Branson, and running. Like I said a lot of pics to come!

Here is a picture we snapped for Oma, my grandma in German for Sabina and Laura to take back to her. I am so sad they are leaving tomorrow, they have been such a great help with Maddie and Cooper.

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