I think its 26 or 27 weeks....I can't keep track!

I can't believe how time flies by..November is already almost gone. We have been busy around the Young house. Today is Thanksgiving and I am here at home and Jeremy is in Texas with his family. With my work schedule and how well I am currently sleeping, the best option was for me to remain at home. Luckily, my family lives here as I'm sure all of you know, so I still will have a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and Cooper will be well fed by his great-grandma! Alot has happened since last time I posted, Jeremy had a birthday and I we had a little surprise card party for him that I think he enjoyed. Santa Fe basketball get started next week, but they have been having scrimmages about twice a week and so far the team is looking pretty good. We registered, which for me, it was more fun to pick out baby stuff then it was for our wedding! Last Saturday we spent the day at Pottery Barn Kids and Babies R Us, we'll tackle Target this weekend to finish up. Other then that Ebay is my new favorite store, I started looking for everything for Cooper on ebay to try to save us some money. Right now I'm waiting to see if the crib we like will ever go on ebay. However I can not find a rocker glider that I like on ebay which is proving to be the most expensive piece of furniture we would like to purchase. Also this week on Monday, 4 people I know had their babies, one couple I took their maternity pictures and soon I'll get to take their baby boy pics for his announcement. I'm so excited! You should check out my photo website because I have updated some portfolios there. Tonight we're having a gingerbread house making competition which I will post some pictures from. No pictures for now, mostly because I keep forgetting to have Jeremy take them of me....also isn't it odd that I'm posting pictures of how big my belly is getting. Which now I feel like it is huge, however at the doctor's office on Tuesday, I saw several women that were much larger then I am....which is such a comforting thought. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Ryan and Katie said...

It is not odd to show pics of your growing belly. It's my favorite part! You should look on Craigslist for baby things too. Don't forget to email those pics!

Dara said...

I just found your blog Michelle. I hope you are having a great pregnancy! I had to laugh about our link from your blog. Our name is impossible to pluralize without sounding like you're hissing. We always make something up.

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