22 weeks

Welcome to week 22! I went to the doctor yesterday and Cooper's little heart was beating just on track at 155. I just love hearing that sound, right now it's the best sound in the world! We went to Texas this weekend to visit Jeremy's family and to attend Abby Copeland's (now Burt) wedding. Which I have to say was amazingly beautiful in her uncles garden. I think Cooper recognizes voices, when someone new is talking he likes to move a lot, but Sunday at church Jeremy said a prayer and he was moving like crazy when his dad started talking, he must like hearing his voice. I new guy started at work this week, which is saving my life, and there is only 1 and 1/2 weeks left of football pictures! I've enjoyed this job, however I'm ready for the basketball gym. Santa Fe has their first scrimmage next week, so it's just around the corner. Well enjoy the pictures below and we'll check in next week.
My mom's friend made this blanket for Cooper, it's so soft!

Here's my belly at 22 weeks...it's getting bigger.

This is the start of the nursery, my sister in law Jenn and I bought this at Ikea this weekend
(which I fell in love with Ikea, it's amazing!)

Jeremy, me, Abby, and Dylan at their wedding

Yeah! They're married!

We had our annual, pumpkin carving at my grandparents last week, here are me, Jeremy,
Leslie and David with our pumpkins.


Ryan and Katie said...

We will have to come cheer Jeremy on and keep you and Cooper company at a ball game sometime!

Angela K said...

Hey Michelle! I saw you last week at church from a distance! You looked so cute! :) Congrats on having a boy--that will be SO FUN! YAY!

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